Screaming KAZE NI NARE at the Top of My Lungs

I have to be a lonely warrior tonight.

I never thought I'd get to see Minoru Suzuki live. This is what happens when your favorite wrestlers are older and not from around here. You accept it, you appreciate them from afar, and you wonder how cool it would have been to actually watch them perform.

Well, I've seen Minoru Suzuki live now, and the answer is that it was very, very cool to see him.

Microreviews at Fanfyte are supposed to be funny and quirky, but I'm going to be sincere for this one: There is nothing in wrestling like a good surprise, and Suzuki hitting the ring after Jon Moxley beat Satoshi Kojima was, for me, the best one of the night. I love Ruby Soho. I like Adam Cole. I think Bryan Danielson is one of the best of all time. But Suzuki—man. He's a pioneer. He's a legend. He has one of the best entrances in wrestling.

And I got to feel it.

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I have no idea how honest other people are when they say that something about professional wrestling made them cry, but I'm no liar: I wept at this man's entrance. My jaw was quivering, my glasses were fogging up. Later, when the dude next to me asked if I was okay, I told him what I loved about Minoru Suzuki and he bought me an ice cream bar.

I don't remember what I said. In truth, I doubt it made sense, but that doesn't matter. What I keep thinking about the further away from All Out that I get is how the point of wrestling isn't mere aesthetics or athletics, but to generate emotion. That's obvious, but we lose that in our drive to quantify everything we see. Wrestling fans and journalists can rate matches, pops, how much blood a wrestler loses, and so on. When we try to quantify how something made us feel, we're often reduced to base adverbs like "very" and abstract concepts like "good."

It is difficult to explore these things! To admit that they made us feel! Here I am trying to do it, and my words are failing me. I can tell you the physical part, which is that a white hot burst of joy shot through all of the pores of my body simultaneously, but then, what is joy? And why does Minoru Suzuki stir it?

Those are questions for people way smarter than me to answer. All I can tell you is that I saw Minoru Suzuki at All Out, that I screamed KAZE NI NARE at the top of my lungs, and that, yeah, it felt very, very good.