QT Marshall’s Road to History at AEW Revolution

He’s a sensation. Since the moment he debuted, there has been an air of mystery around him. Even before he stepped in the ring, people were clamoring for his official debut. And despite not holding any major titles or having any big-name victories under his belt, his rise has felt like the dawn of a new era. The internet can’t get enough of this enigmatic heartthrob, and frankly, neither can this writer.

I fucking love QT Marshall.

The pride of Freehold, New Jersey (after Tammy, of course), Michael Cuellari didn’t intend to start a fire, in the Billy Joel sense. But sometimes iconoclasts arrive on the scene and sea changes just happen. QT matches are appointment viewing. Everyone’s wondering, what will he do? Who will he dom? What new stylistic flourish will “Tyrannosaurus Flex” debut?

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He was the only legit monster to come out of The Monster Factory training school. He spent years in the indies, defining himself as the kind of real man Scott Steiner talks about. He made sporadic but unforgettable appearances in ROH and NXT, and had a WWE tryout, but the absolute boneheads in Stamford didn’t understand “He Who Fucks” like we do. But thankfully, one person did. And his name was Cody Rhodes.

QT Marshall is #AllElite

QT Marshall (say it right, fucker) debuted in AEW as both a producer and as Cody’s right-hand-man before making his proper in-ring debut in a six-man tag on the fifth episode of Dynamite. QT pulled off that company polo, put on his track jacket, took off his track jacket and revealed his hard-but-soft physique to the AEW fans. “Gotta get some BBQ sauce, this is some beef I want to sink my teeth into,” Jim Ross probably thought to himself. And JR was right to think that. This was what we now know as “the paradigm shift.”

QT let Cody have the spotlight, but Cody was jealous and decided to be an absolute bonehead who tried to hold QT down, so the “God of Wonder, God of Light” siphoned off the best members of Cody’s Nightmare Family to form AEW’s best stable, The Factory. While this was played up for storylines, being overshadowed like this likely played a huge factor in Cody’s real-life departure from the company.

TK said “the ball’s yours now, king” for a new, better AEW. He gave the shine to Anthony Ogogo, Nick Comoroto, and the other one. Hemade fools of the absolute boneheads that dared to cross him like Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight. He single-handedly brought back the Charlie Harper look. And he certainly made this writer’s imagination wander on lonelier nights.


“When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

When Taz’s son debuted in AEW, some incorrectly attributed his impressive first outings to his father’s teachings. But don’t get it twisted, Taz’s son is a QT Marshall guy. He’s also an absolute bonehead, apparently. As he took on various members of The Factory, the scrawny little kid made quick work of them, but never showed his mentor the appropriate respect he deserved. But “Big Daddy Cool” didn’t let that ingrate get to him. He knew he had one more lesson to teach his protégé. A lesson in humility.

Because of the demand, TK decided to make this match free to the world on the “Buy-In” pre-show before the AEW Revolution Premium Live Event. As his unmistakable music hit, the crowd rose to their feet (and they weren’t the only thing risin’ if you know what I mean). He was flanked by his boys Nick, Anthony and the third person upon entrance, QT sent them away. He didn’t need backup. He needed a fuckin’ mic: 

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned over…my successful career, it’s when you…w-want something done right, you do it yourself. As much as I don’t want to have to do this, because that sensation is one of my prized students. I’m gonna show him what being cold-hearted is really all about.”

Dusty shed a tear in heaven as QT handed Justin Roberts the mic, unzipping his track jacket to the Orlando crowd why they call him Beefzilla. Taz’s son’s little rap song started playing. Usually he would make a cocky stride to the ring, but on this night, shorty never looked more shook. In an embarrassing moment caught by some fans at ringside, the ring crew had to help the boy wipe off a bit of urine that had run down his leg during the entrance. Embarrassing.

QT Marshall Hook AEW Revolution

Despite trying to muffle his short breaths with his blazer, Taz’s fear for his lanky child was audible over commentary. The little shit turned his back to avoid eye contact with his mentor as referee Bryce Remsburg pleaded with him to face his doom. QT was taken aback by the loud-yet-unintelligible cheers from the fans as they prepared for a Savage-Steamboat-esque classic.

And then, the bell rang.

And the rest, as they say… ????

…is history.

Editor’s note: Hook defeated QT Marshall in 5 minutes.