Pro Wrestling Schedule for the Week of 10/28/19

oOOOOooooOOOooooOOOOOoo Halloween Edition

Monday, 10/28 Tuesday, 10/29 Wednesday, 10/30 Thursday, 10/31 Friday, 11/1 Saturday, 11/2 Sunday, 11/3
NJPW Road to Power Struggle (New Japan World 5:30 AM EDT) NWA Powerrr (YouTube 6PM EDT)†** NJPW Road to Power Struggle (New Japan World 6AM EDT) NJPW Road to Power Struggle (New Japan World 5AM EDT) NJPW Road to Power Struggle (New Japan World 5:30 AM EDT) ROH The Experience (FITE 5PM EDT) DDT Ultimate Party 2019 (DDT Universe, 1AM EDT)**
ROH 423 (FITE 7PM EDT)† AEW Dark (YouTube 7PM EDT)† Drags and Dropkicks (FITE, 6:30 PM EDT) NXT UK (WWE Network 11AM EDT)† RISE La Escalera (FITE 9PM EDT) MLW Saturday Night SuperFight (FITE, 7PM EDT) NJPW Power Struggle (New Japan World 1AM EST)
MLW Fusion (YouTube, 7PM)† IMPACT! (AXS 8PM EDT)† AEW Dynamite (TNT/ITV/FITE 8PM EDT)** WWE Crown Jewel (WWE Network, 1PM EDT) WWE SmackDown (Fox 8PM EDT) WOW (AXS 8PM EDT)† CMLL Dia De Muertos ( 6PM EST)?
WWE Raw (USA 8PM) CMLL ( 8:30 PM EDT) WWE NXT (USA 8PM) Uncharted Territory (IWTV 8PM EDT)** WWE 205 Live (WWE Network 10PM EDT)
GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s FrightFest (FITE, 8PM EDT)** Tokyo Joshi Pro (DDT Universe)ⱽᴼᴰ AAA Lucha Capital (Facebook Live 10PM EDT)** CMLL Dia De Muertos ( 10:30 PM EDT)**
†= Pretaped
ⱽᴼᴰ= Available online at some point after the show

Monday, 10/28

Recommended: Check out our card preview for GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s Frightfest(, $13.99)

The latest NJPW Road to Power Struggle aired this morning, with more Super Junior Tag League action. On Raw, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will wrestle Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane. Too bad that’s set alongside more Hogan and Flair stuff and Rusev & Lana talking to Jerry Lawler. On ROH TV, Sumie Sakai is challenging 2006 Highlights for the women’s championship. Finally, on MLW Fusion, the MLW/The Crash show continues with superhunk Dragon Lee in action.

Tuesday, 10/29


Recommended: NWA Powerrr  is just so much fun okay! I love it! Do an edible and chill out watching wide men with bad tattoos slam each other in a television studio. Treat yourself!

AEW Dark has a tag match (Dustin Rhodes & Sonny Kiss vs Peter Avalon & QT Marshall) and a women’s fourway (Allie vs Emi Sakura vs Penelope Ford vs Sadie Gibbs) that look perfectly serviceable. The main event, Darby Allin vs Jack Evans vs Jimmy Havoc in a falls count anywhere, could be banging though! IMPACT! continues on its new home of AXS, presumably more of their signature mixture of exciting talent and people who can’t get work anywhere else. CMLL‘s Tuesday show will air as usual, gearing up towards the Dia De Muertos shows on Friday and Sunday. Finally, Tokyo Joshi Pro‘s weekly show should show up on VOD at some point.

Wednesday 10/30

AAA Lucha Capital

Recommended: I can’t get enough of AAA Lucha Capital! As much as I love watching AAA shows in arenas, seeing this top tier lucha talent performing in a small, indy-vibe space reminds me so much more of the intimacy and joy of seeing lucha libre in person. This week’s show has Psycho Clown and Mamba, and is free to watch on Facebook.

NXT won last week’s war in Colette Arrand’s estimation, and maybe we’ll get that Women’s Tag Team Championship match this week? Drags and Dropkicks: A Nightmare on Wykcoff Ave streams live from Brooklyn (, $9.99) with Effy, Harlow, Allie Kat, and more. AEW Dynamite will be live from West Virgina this Wednesday, where they will crown the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions (either SCU or the Lucha Bros). Who will win? Will any McElroys show up? Find out on TNT. New Japan Road to Power Struggle continues with more of the junior tag tournament.

Thursday 10/31

Beyond Wrestling

Recommended: Beyond Uncharted Territory ( seems to be the only show streaming live on Halloween Night, but matches like Mance Warner vs Nick Gage and Tony Deppen continuing his streak as Discovery Gauntlet Champion sound like pretty good things to watch while handing out candy!

More of the New Japan Road to Power Struggle tour streams live on Thursday morning. Also, NXT UK will be airing at a new time on the (award winning) WWE Network. Not sure if this is going to be a regular thing or is just a special occasion. Afterwards, Crown Jewel, the next in WWE’s propaganda shows for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will stream live. Hulk Hogan, who destroyed a large media company because they made it known that he’s super racist, will lead a team of good guys against a team of bad guys led by Ric Flair (who, allegedly also uses anti-black slurs). Brock Lesnar will face Cain Velasquez, and Braun Strowman will face famous homophobe and antisemite Tyson Fury!

In case this sounds grim, don’t worry. The Saudi government hasn’t murdered and dismembered any Washington Post journalists in an entire year! That’s called progress. It’s been six whole months since the last reports of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen recruiting impoverished Yemeni children to fight in their military. It’s fine. Women can drive now! It’s not a regular monarchy with a mandatory state religion and rampant human rights abuses, it’s a cool monarchy with a mandatory state religion, rampant human rights abuses and limited freedom of speech. It’s FINE. Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt are going to wrestle in a match that cannot be stopped for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Unless they have sex with each other in which case they’ll be stoned to death. It’s fine!!

Friday, 11/1


Recommended: CMLL’s Día de Muertos show will stream live Friday night on I will certainly be watching, vibing hard on some cool lucha libre elevated by even cooler aesthetics. The Rey Del Inframundo title only gets defended once a year okay!! The belt has skulls on it! RISE La Escalera (, $14.99) should also be a solid watch. The stacked card includes Big Swole defending her Phoenix of RISE Championship, Shotzi Blackheart vs Rosemary, Saraya Knight vs Cassandro, Allysin Kay vs Taya Valkyrie, and an elimination match featuring Jake Atlas and Priscilla Kelly.

If you’re still awake from your Halloween bender, the final night of the New Japan Road to Power Struggle tour might be a nice way for you to come down, with the last round of junior tag league matches before the finals on Sunday. SmackDown will be wrapping up stories from the Blood Money Spectacular on Thursday. 205 Live will presumably deliver us some more bangers.

Saturday, 11/2

Ring of Honor: The Experience is live ($14.95 on or Honor Club) on Saturday with a card that will be determined by fan voting! Voting is open through Wednesday on the Ring of Honor website. MLW Saturday Night SuperFight ($19.95 on will also be live on Saturday night, with some cool looking match-ups. Timothy Thatcher vs Tom Lawlor is pretty much guaranteed to slap, and if LA Park is well enough for his match against Jacob Fatu, that should be sick as well. WOW: Women of Wrestling airs on AXS Saturday evening with a stand-off between Jungle Grrl and Tessa Blanchard.

Sunday, 11/3

DDT Pro-Wrestling

Recommended: DDT Ultimate Party 2019 streams at 1 AM Eastern on Sunday, 11 PM Pacific on Saturday. Daylight Savings Time is a beast, so the Ultimate Party undercard starts at 1 AM EDT, whereas the Ultimate Party main show starts at… 1 AM EST.

The card is massive, with DDT and Tokyo Joshi Pro titles on the line, multiple huge tag matches, and, of course, the triumphant return of Kenny Omega to DDT, his old home promotion. DDT may seem like the most foreigner-friendly promotion, since they only have commentary in Japanese and signing up for Universe can be a little confusing. However, once you’re in there, the characters are distinct, the shows are entertaining, and the wrestling is great.

New Japan Power Struggle airs concurrently on New Japan World, with the Super Junior Tag finals, Ishii challenging KENTA for the NEVER Openweight Championship, and Naito vs Taichi, a great battle of two dirtbags. Power Struggle always packs in a few surprises to get you pumped for Wrestle Kingdom, so keep an eye out! CMLL Día de Muertos day 2 will stream live Sunday evening. NOTE: There were some issues with CMLL streaming on Friday night, so Sunday’s stream also has a bit of a question mark tacked onto it.