New Japan Launches Taichi Pantaloons and #TearawayChallenge

Finally Taichi's cool look is available to the masses!

Last week I talked about Taichi’s great match with Zack Sabre Jr against Yano Toru and Colt Cabana, and this week I’m thrilled to keep the Holy Emperor train rolling by celebrating the release of these fantastic pants in the New Japan store. As we all know, a highlight of any Taichi match is the part when he rips his tights off as dramatic punctuation and waves them around. Now, anyone with 6,000¥ (plus shipping and handling) with a waist size between 68 and 104 cm can relive that magic at home with a pair of Official Taichi Pantaloons.


The New Japan Shop does warn not to rip them off with too much strength or vigor. Also, since they are made of 100% polyester, you will have to be careful to keep them away from heat and fire, and to only wear them in well-ventilated areas.

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Once you’ve got your sweet new duds on (away from heat and flame, in a well-ventilated area) New Japan has asked you to commemorate your Taichi pants reveal in a video and hashtag it #Tearaway Challenge. Japanese-to-English translator and author Chris Charlton demonstrates in this video, and does a pretty impressive job:

If any of you decide to participate in the #TearawayChallenge, please make sure to follow all those safety instructions, keep your video PG, and tell me everything about this pair of licensed Taichi stripper-wear. I want every detail. My DMs are open. Please tell me about these pants.