Miro's Promos

Homage to a vengeful god. Tribute to a hot wife.

Miro is the best talker in the game. Every time he speaks, he has three objectives: Give glory to God, give praise to his wife, and give notice to his upcoming opponent that his time on this plane of existence is coming to a short, brutal end. In an industry where time on the mic is simultaneously a precious commodity and a squandered resource, Miro wastes none of it, and there is nothing in the game quite like the way he presents himself at the moment.

While it hasn't had a ton of build, his upcoming match against Eddie Kingston is, in many ways, a battle between two kinds of promo master, Kingston's lengthier sermons on his belief in wrestling against Miro's blunt exaltations to a God who believes in him. Rather than preview their match or dig into their feud, I want to explore what makes Miro such a special promo for this moment in professional wrestling.