Kingdom Hearts Fans Are Communicating Through Wrestling Signs

Fans had a succinct debate about the series' lore in the crowd of two different wrestling events.

Video game fans using signs to make reference to different series and memes they like in the world of wrestling is an established part of being at a show, and as social media allows these messages of love and hate to spread far beyond the audience watching live, just what folks say with their signage is evolving. People are actually communicating with each other through signs they make and hold up during wrestling shows.

This is best encapsulated in a “discussion” two Kingdom Hearts fans (well, that might be a generous label for one of them) had, which can best be described as a succinct debate about the series lore. One claims the Disney and Final Fantasy crossover’s intricate story isn’t as complicated as detractors claim, while the other simply puts forth one of the game’s spinoffs with the silliest name as a counterpoint.

The debate even transcended promotions, at it began during the AEW Rampage event on April 16, where a fan held up a yellow sign adorned in big, bold, all-caps that read “Kingdom Hearts is not that complicated.” Which, in my opinion, is still a pretty fair assessment if you just play the games in order.

However, last night, during the WWE Hell in a Cell event, another person in the crowd held up a sign saying: “explain 358/2 Days then.” This refers to the DS game Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, which is one of the focal points of the series using its non-numbered entries to fill out significant lore beats that would be intrinsic to understanding the story of Kingdom Hearts III. It’s a meme’d up way of framing the conversation, one that would likely frustrate the most diehard of Kingdom Hearts fan, but it is a fun example of how wrestling fans have found ways to have conversations with each other through signs they hold up in the crowd. Which we end up sharing and debating about online. So one way or another, hopefully the message will find its way to its desired recipient.

It’s probably not the last time we’ll see Kingdom Hearts fans having mini-debates about the series through wrestling signs either, as the franchise is leading into its fourth numbered installment with Kingdom Hearts IV. But some folks, myself included, are still wrestling with how that makes us feel.