GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s Halloween Frightfest Preview and Predictions

What's spookier than oiled up men in their underwear?

It’s almost Halloween time, and that means some creepy things are right around the corner. In lieu of the scariest part of the holiday, WWE’s 4 Blood 4 Money PPV, I’m covering GCW’s Frightfest, which promises a family friendly haunted good time. Just kidding, because it’s GCW and Nick Gage is on the card. I have to admit I don’t watch a ton of GCW stuff because I’m secretly baby and can’t handle a lot of hardcore stuff, but I’ll man up and watch any show that has Effy on it. In honor of goblins and ghouls, let’s run down the Frightfest card.


Shotzi Blackheart vs Jimmy Lloyd

NXT bound Shotzi Blackheart makes her GCW debut against Jimmy Lloyd. I don’t know Lloyd super well, but his interests appear to be getting hit very hard and very often, and sometimes sticking scissors in his body, which I have to respect. Shotzi is one of my favorite wrestlers and exciting against almost anybody, so this should be a good match. Give her a tank to ride in on, please.

Prediction: Shotzi’s going out like a pro, it’ll be Lloyd


Blake Christian vs Lucky 13

Local flippy boy Blake takes on your angriest uncle in this one. Lucky 13 has the same fast paced, high flying style as Christian, and the two should work very well together. Which means this will be a really fun match if you’re into watching men flip around the ring like they’re in a washing machine. And I, for one, definitely am.

Prediction: Lucky’s due one, right?


Shlak vs Effy

The man with the greatest fashion sense in wrestling meets the man with the least. This is a wild match up that clashes in every potential way, but honestly I’m pretty into it. Shlak has an insane body that he likes to inflict insane harm upon. I once saw Effy drink a bottle of piss in a match. This is gonna be a close call.

Prediction: Our universal daddy, Effy


GCW World Championship: Nick Gage (c) vs Ruckus

GCW champion and my favorite murder dad Nick Gage takes on Ruckus. Gage has been champ for nearly two years and defeated some incredible challenges, but Ruckus has the greatest twitter bio I’ve ever seen, so it may be a close call. These two have fought before, notably in CZW, and both are really into bleeding from the head. If you’re a fan of middle aged guys who can still absolutely rock a bandana like nobody’s business, this match is for you.

Prediction: MDK all day baby


Alex Zayne vs Rich Swann

Alex Zayne has some sweet Taco Bell themed march and harem pants for gear, which automatically gives him the edge in my opinion. Swann and his cool guy white leather jacket have been featured primarily on Impact in the last few months, but both men have appeared frequently on GCW shows in 2019. They’re also capable of some really athletic stuff, which should be fun to watch. This is the first time they’ve faced off in GCW, so let’s see some sparks fly.

Prediction: Zayne, but with the fashion these two are sporting, we’re all winners here.


Matt Tremont vs Tony Deppen

Matt Tremont looks like he wants to eat you for breakfast, and Tony Deppen looks like he leaves bad Yelp reviews for a living. But the beauty of wrestling is it’s anybody’s game, and these two are sure to put on a good show. Deppen is a former Extreme Champion for GCW, but hasn’t had much of a hardcore style overall. Tremont is a former GCW champion himself, and Google boasts 75% pictures of him bleeding from the head. It should be interesting to see what they do together.

Prediction: Deppen has been on a roll in GCW lately, I’m gonna go with him.


Chris Dickinson vs Jordan Oliver

Oliver has only appeared on a handful of GCW shows prior to this, each time looking a little bit like someone just stole his lunch money, but the young man is CZW Wired Champion, so he’s clearly got something going for him. Chris Dickinson has lots of experience with GCW, being in gritty, intense matches, and wearing trunks that look just a size and a half too small for him. So they’re both bringing some individual talents to the ring here.

Prediction: The second man to call himself daddy on this show, Dickinson.

There’s your card, kids! Additionally, Atticus Cogar is set to make his GCW debut on the show, which is fitting because his whole gimmick is being the kid who celebrates Halloween year round. There’s also an afterparty following the show, featuring a bonus deathmatch and a stunt group where even more grown adults put their bodies in extreme danger. Sounds like a blast, but like all the best high school parties, I can’t wait to hear about it second-hand on Monday.