Fanfyte’s Best of the Week 11/15/19-11/21/19

Mer: Biff Rules

Most wrestlers are kinda rough on Twitter, and that’s putting it kindly. If they’re not actively having fights with their own fans, they’re usually just kind of sending out lukewarm promotion for matches or getting angry at airlines. Luckily, this week we were reunited with one of the absolute best in the wrestling twitter business when Biff Busick came back to gift us with his very loud, very good tweets. It was a rough few weeks when then Oney Lorcan suddenly deactivated his Twitter and lost all of his incredible all caps tweets. It’s since come out that he requested his release from WWE, and while nothing official has been announced, we can assume that hasn’t happened yet based on WWE’s fun track record of refusing to let people leave when they want.

At least the king is back on twitter to drop some bangers, including information about a potential Biff Busick wrestling camp, for all the up and coming ass kickers in your life, and some more anecdotes about his legendary dad. Please keep the hits coming, Biff. Let’s throw em up.

Lee South / AEW

Colette Arand: Orange Cassidy, Master of the Battle Royal

AEW’s Dynamite Dozen was a wasted opportunity to give Billy Gunn an ass ring for his decades of tireless loving, shoving, licking, and sticking of asses, but it was one hell of a showcase for Orange Cassidy, the best wrestler in the world. His battle royal strategy, sitting in the way of everybody and watching nonplussed while other dudes beat each other up, is maybe the smartest in wrestling history. It’s also pretty great how every time Orange shows up on AEW, he’s the most popular person on the screen. A bright light in a dark universe.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Hunktears: Suzuki-Gun vs Suzuki-Gun

I will admit that intra-factional strife makes me very anxious, even in tournaments, but that anxiety might make the wrestling more fun? Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr might be my favorite team in Tag League this year, and their bout against stablemates Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer at Korakuen Hall on Monday was pretty much everything I could have hoped for (except for “Kazi Ni Nare”), complete with brawling, sexual tension, Miho Abe, and all the sadistic shithead vibes Suzuki-Gun is known for around the world. (Also I know I already said “sexual tension” but like… it’s quite h*rny. Word 2 the wise.)