FanFyte’s Best of the Week 10/25/19-10/31/19

Mer: Orange Cassidy and Priscilla Kelly dressed as each other for Halloween

That’s it, that’s the best thing to maybe ever happen in wrestling. Kelly rocked the torn jeans and sunglasses while Cassidy appeared in a bunch of twisted straps and knee high boots. For what it’s worth, both looked incredible, although I have to imagine Kelly won’t be able to wear that gear anymore. It was retired for a very worthy cause, as their match for Bar Wrestling saw them mimic each other’s styles; PK hit a sloth-like shoulder tackle, while OC managed some incredible back curvature on his entrance. More wrestlers should do this, because it’s funny and the crowd popped big, but also specifically more male wrestlers should just wear women’s gear. Cassidy gave wrestling Twitter a happy Halloween indeed.


Colette Arrand: Tony Schiavone, Uncle Storyteller

I am mostly bored by AEW trying to get me on Cody Rhodes’ side, so the prospect of watching him sit in a limo with AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone while they drove to the arena for a contract signing was not super appealing to me. But I am a sucker for well-told wrestling anecdotes and an even bigger sucker for Dusty Rhodes, and Schiavone is a guy with a wealth of Dusty Rhodes stories. While maintaining a casual manspread on his side of the limo, he told Cody a story about how one time, Willie Nelson was at the hotel Dusty was staying in and wanted to hang out. He asked Tony to go find him and let him know he’d be by the pool. Tony found the American Dream ass-naked in his hotel room, pleased as punch that Nelson, a huge country music star, was gonna have to wait for him, a wrestler.

It was like listening to someone tell a parable, only instead of prodigal sons or mustard seeds or whatever the hell Jesus liked to talk about, there’s my favorite wrestler, naked, talking about the importance of making people wait for you. That’s exactly what I need to hear on a day like today, when I am running hours late for work. Even in his absence, the Dream looks out for me.

LB Hunktears: Aramis vs Arez vs El Hijo del Vikingo vs Taurus

If you were to ask me why you should start watching AAA on a regular basis, this match would be part of my answer. This match just owned, okay? It takes a lot to get me shouting alone at my desk after I’ve had a long day, and this had me hollering like I was seeing it live. The 22-year old El Hijo del Vikingo’s incredible flippy feats were, of course, a joy to see, but there was so much more to this match than just cool flips. Aramis and Arez may also be excellent high-flyers, but their movesets are really distincting and well-rounded.

Taurus, who has such presence that I scream myself hoarse every time I see him, is so good at being the strong, fast monster that his wrestling character being a sexy bondage minotaur isn’t even the most notable thing about him! All four of these guys are simply fantastic luchadores, and it’s never been a better time to be a fan of lucha libre in the United States.

There’s a lot of things to love about pro wrestling, but when you get down to it, seeing a hot crowd lose it for an exciting, cool match is what it’s all about. You can watch this match as part of the full Conquista Total show on AAA’s Twitch channel, and I really, really recommend it.

Honorable Mentions: KENTA’s continued #TOMO campaign, the all-clown threeway match on Lucha Capital, Sans Undertale is All Elite, Trent’s Morty wig, Asuka misting Paige.