Drew Gulak Drafted to SmackDown and Other WWE Weekend Draft Updates

No I will still not stop trying to invite Drew Gulak to Shabbat dinner with my family

The WWE Draft may not be the talk of the wrestling town the way, say, Darby Allin riding his skateboard to hit Chris Jericho in the back of the head is. But it’s still pretty big news. The draft began Friday night on SmackDown (as catalogued by Mer in her weekly WWE recap), but has continued over the weekend online.



The one-time 24/7 Champion and tremendously orange dude will be on Monday Nights, as confirmed by WWE.com

Eric Young

Eric Young, formerly of SANiTY, TNA, and idk, a bunch of other stuff, can now usually be seen as part of the crew of dudes chasing after the 24/7 Championship to Yackity Sax. He has been drafted to Raw.

Sin Cara

Did you know Sin Cara was still in WWE? I did not. Anyways, He’s on Raw now.


Apollo Crews

The fantastically athletic former Dragon Gate and NXT flippy beefcake will make his way to Friday nights on Fox. He may be separated from his good friend Ricochet, but at least we can hope for some good Crews-Tozawa Instagram posts.

Heath Slater

He’s got kids, and now he has Monday nights free to help them with their homework.


Tamina will join Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Lacey Evans in SmackDown’s women’s division.

The B-Team

The B-Team joins SmackDown tag team champions The Revival, Heavy Machinery, and Lucha House Party in SmackDown’s tag team division. I’d love to see them back in the title picture, honestly.

Drew Gulak

Finally, the real reason for this post. Drew Gulak is now mixing it up with the heavyweights on Friday Night SmackDown! While this does mean that he will remain unavailable for Shabbat dinner invites from me, I have high hopes for him on the main roster. No, it doesn’t bode particularly well that his draft happened over the weekend, but at least he got a shoutout from the WWE Fox Twitter account itself? I don’t know. He deserves the entire world. Things turned out pretty good for prior 205 Live stalwarts Ali and Cedric Alexander? Let Drew Gulak spread his wings and fly.