Bron Breakker's Use of Bolt Cutters at NXT Takeover War Games

Big man. Butch scissors. Real chains.

So, the War Games cage got padlocked shut last night in an effort to keep the babyface team of Guys What Who Haven't Been Drafted to Raw or SmackDown from interfering in the team of Literally Got Here Three Weeks Ago's scheme to maintain advantage throughout the match. It didn't make any sense—LA Knight just climbed the cage, and Bron Breakker, on Team Three Weeks Ago, wasn't in the cage yet, but I welcomed the introduction of a chain and a padlock and the following two questions:

  1. What do we do with these props?
  2. Are they worked objects or shoot objects?

Question 1 was easy enough: have the big monster man rip them apart. Question 2 wasn't obvious until Breakker, instead of ripping them apart, appropriated a pair of (shoot) bolt cutters from a crew of noodle-arm referees too weak to solve the problem despite the excess of time granted them by the format of the match. Time slowed to a crawl here, the 5-15 seconds Bron spent outside dancing with Mr. Bolt Cutter bleeding out into an eternity because there was no plan B.

Obviously tapped as a big star for NXT now and the main roster in the future, does struggling with a jacked pair of scissors take any of the shine off of that star?

[caption id="attachment_103253" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Bron Breakker bolt cutters WWE[/caption]