Shoutout to the Trans Man Who Taught Baymax About Pads and Tampons

The Disney+ series has a small acknowledgement that trans men get periods, too.

Baymax!, a series of shorts starring the titular robot doctor from Big Hero 6, is out today on Disney+. The six-episode series is pretty cute. If you’re a fan of the movie (or Kingdom Hearts III, though I really don’t dig the direction that game’s version of events goes), you probably know what to expect. Baymax is a lovable, naïve doofus who’s just trying to do his best for his patients. However, there’s one scene that has caught some eyes on the internet: Baymax learning about pads and tampons. More specifically, learning about these things from a trans man.

The scene is in the third episode, “Sofia,” which focuses on a middle school girl Baymax is taking care of after she begins her first period. Baymax, ever the attentive doctor, heads to the store to find tampons and pads, and asks for a recommendation from the people in the aisle. They’re all more than willing to help out and give him a box of their preferred products.

Among the helpful patrons are women, a dad getting something for his daughter, and a trans man wearing a trans flag shirt. After all the help, Baymax returns to Sofia with several bags of tampons and pads, so she has  plenty to choose from when Baymax brings them to her in the all-gender restroom she’s hiding in at school.

The scene is short and sweet, but the predictable places on the internet have reacted the way you’d expect when all ages media acknowledges that trans people exist, as well as talks about periods to begin with. Disney and Pixar came under fire from the same nonsense earlier this year for Turning Red also talking about these topics, despite these being perfectly normal bodily functions that half the population deals with. But it’s nice to see Disney normalizing these things with some frequency, as it’s helping its movies feel more mature and inclusive.

The next logical step would be for Disney to start actually making queer characters the stars of their shows and movies, but it seems like getting even small nods like this have been an uphill battle for Disney’s workers, as higher-ups have interfered with queer inclusion in movies like Lightyear, which features a kiss between two women that was nearly cut. That was until workers staged a walkout over the issue back in March.