God, I’m Dreading the Uncharted Movie

Real Action Movie: The Movie vibes.

I just wrapped up playing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy again through the Legacy of Thieves Collection (which you can check out the review for right here), and goddamn, those are some excellent video games. And it’s really making it tough to not recoil at the final trailer of the upcoming movie adaptation starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

The movie, which is some kind of frankensteined supercut of different set pieces and concepts from the Uncharted games, is set to come to theaters on February 11 in the UK and February 18 in the US. And let me be clear: I’m gonna see it, and it’s not going to have any effect on my love for the games. But man, seeing the weird amalgamation of ideas and half-assed characterization (If you put a gun to my head and told me to tell you what character Mark Wahlberg was supposed to be playing I would never guess Victor “Sully” Sullivan) doesn’t feel evocative of the same care put into these games’ stories I saw put into the games in the Legacy of Thieves Collection. On top of this, the movie doesn’t seem to trailer that well. The dry wit of Nathan Drake sporadically stitched between the high octane action moments just feels kind of obnoxious. Those things will hopefully work better in context, but the trailer just feels like it’s trying to illustrate too much as a last-ditch effort to sell folks on it, but without a tonal consistency that makes a decent showcase.

Check it out right here:

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The movie’s just a few weeks away, and if it does end up being a stinker, it will not wipe the games away from existence. If you, too, would like to bask in the glory of the two best Uncharted games with the Legacy of Thieves Collection, it comes to PlayStation 5 tomorrow, January 28, and early copies even include a ticket to the movie.