Arcane Showrunners Say Caitlyn and Vi Shippers Will “Be Happy” with Season 2 Developments


Although Arcane, Netflix’s animated League of Legends show, stars sisters Vi and Jinx, its most popular pair of characters are likely Vi and Caitlyn Kiramman. Many fans, such as Fanbyte Assistant Managing Editor Natalie Flores, love the slow burn of their romantic tension. Given that the first season dedicates significant focus to their budding partnership, many viewers wonder if the two will be made official in a future season. Legitimate queer representation is an issue many big franchises deal with nowadays as big executives hem and haw around the possibility without actually delivering. Just ask Oscar Isaac how he feels about Poe Dameron’s role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. But from the sound of it, the two’s relationship is going to be central to Arcane‘s second season, which is projected to come to Netflix sometime in 2023.

In a Q&A interview on BAFTA’s Twitch channel earlier today, Arcane showrunners Alex Yee and Christian Linke spoke about Caitlyn and Vi’s future. They said the team behind the series has been methodical and intentional with the pacing of the relationship, but that the next season will expand upon it in ways that will make fans of the pairing “happy.”

“I think I can figure out how to answer this question with the correct degree of vagueness,” Yee said. “We have always wanted to tell an organic story about Caitlyn and Vi that feels like it’s really true to how we see them, and how they’ve been seen. The way in which we wanted to roll that story out has always been sort of determined. What you will see in Season 2 will be part of the big picture that we’ve had all along.”

Linke added that Caitlyn and Vi are “at the center of the stories that we tell in Season 2. I think you’ll be happy.”

More of that gay shit:

I should watch Arcane, probably. I have zero experience with the League of Legends franchise, but the sentiment surrounding the show is that it’s pretty accessible to those with no prior knowledge. Plus, Jayce could swing his hammer at me any day. Still, it’s wonderful to see that one of the biggest animated shows ever — Arcane just won all nine of the awards it was nominated for at the 2022 Annie Awards — seems to be making a sapphic relationship its romantic centerpiece.

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