Naomi Schiff Is More Than Qualified to Cover F1, You Bozos

Sky Sports Formula 1 commentator, Naomi Schiff, has more experience in her pinky than all of your Twitter fingers combined.

Earlier this week, some racist bozo thought he did something by tweeting out a photo of Sky Sports presenter and former racing driver, Naomi Schiff, in her literal racing suit (I swear, you can’t make this up) and questioned her qualifications for the job she has now as a presenter and commentator. The herb-in-question’s Twitter bio says it all though with the usual racist and nationalistic hashtags displayed proudly as if to say “I have zero identity and need to hate someone and blame it on them to feel better about myself.” And of course my guy’s name is Paul. Why did it have to be a Paul?

Naomi Schiff F1

What Paul doesn’t know, or conveniently ignores, is that Schiff is an accomplished former racer. I first saw her compete for a seat in the W Series a few years back, but her history of actual motorsport goes back to 2010, when she was 16 and began competing in single-seater racing cars.

Some of her career highlights include winning the 2014 Clio Cup China Series, competing in the 24 Hours of Zolder, and even finishing second in her class at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. And if you’ve ever done a lap at the Nürburgring in a racing video game, completing a successful single lap on that track in real life is enough to qualify you for president of motorsports in my eyes. Forget a Sky Sports gig.

Thankfully, I’m sure Schiff has done more racing with her own two hands than any racist, un-moisturized Twitter fingers probably see in their lifetimes. I’m sure this isn’t the first cornball to come for her and it sadly won’t be the last. I’m sure Schiff is good, though. Especially after hundreds of fans came to her defense in the replies to her retweet and his original tweet- enough that made him delete his original tweet and lock up his account. Play stupid games I guess?

It seems Schiff isn’t personally bothered by comments like these, either.

I’m still relatively new to Formula 1 myself. Yet the kind of toxic nonsense I see from clearly racist (and probably deeply insecure) fans is the kind of chickenshit fear we see in other places that start to develop more diversity via the hard work of athletes, performers, and creators who encompass it. So to me, moments like these are just more signs that the changes are important than ever. Something is going right.

And honestly, after Martin Brundle’s goofy attempt to have Meg Thee Stallion sing and dance for him and other Sky Sports viewers back at the US Grand Prix in Austin, we could probably use more fresh perspectives and voices amidst all of the [checks notes] older White guys with microphones.

And in case anyone else wanted to question her qualifications (who probably never qualified for anything outside of Mario Kart), the King Lewis Hamilton stepped in to give her a cosign. He doesn’t just have seven world titles to his name; this dude’s a Knight. I’m pretty sure Schiff can just print that tweet out and hang it on the wall next to her actual racing trophies.