Best Camp of My Life with Fernanda Prates 31: Chad Dundas

MMA Journalist Chad Dundas on the sport's transition to mainstream media, his career, and UFC card quality.

Author and journalist Chad Dundas joins Fernanda to discuss life as a father of three, his upcoming novel, what cruel fates led him to become an MMA journalist, the sport’s transition to mainstream media, and more. Listen here or check out the embed below!

Dundas was candid about the quality of UFC cards over time, and the network deals that sparked the controversy.

“When the UFC jumped from Spike TV to Fox Sports, it was hailed as like the UFC’s final push into the mainstream.” He said.

“And we all played a role in, you know, leading the sport out of the dark ages, and it was gonna be this mainstream thing. And we were all so excited about it. I don’t think anyone understood like how much the very fabric of the sport was going to change just by the very nature of that relationship, because of how the UFC was getting paid by Fox and how it is now getting paid by ESPN.

“And in that, it’s not necessarily even getting paid to put on good fight cards. It’s getting paid to put on 40 to 45 cards a year. So it’s a very clear quantity over quality decision. It made a shift in the sport ever slowly but surely away from a thing that you absolutely could not miss into a thing that I couldn’t watch it all now even if I wanted to.”