How Do You Deal with FOMO, Burnout, and Ambition in Your Career?

A career in media is often a rough ride — it’s difficult to balance ambitious professional goals with anything resembling happiness.

This is a question I’ve personally struggled with plenty, and I think most people in this field have: how do you balance things as tricky as lofty career ambitions with a desire to be a good person? How do you deal with FOMO when you take time to take care of yourself to avoid burnout? How do you avoid burnout at all?

How do you stay afloat in a brutal job market? How do you deal with sexism and avoid being undercut in your pay?

There are no easy answers to those questions: likely in any field, and certainly not in this one. But Fernanda and guest Esther Lin (a veteran sports photographer) go in deep on all of the above, in a very candid, very real episode of Best Camp. There are a lot of pitfalls in the field, a lot of details that are infuriatingly unfair, and just as many things that are simply tough to strike the right balance on (or anything approaching balance, really).

While both folks are MMA media professionals, it all applies to anyone in journalism, or a a creative career more generally.

It’s not all heavy—there’s a deep appreciation for the magical powers of cold brew coffee (AKA, the substance Fernanda has coined “anxiety and diarrhea juice”) and a lot of solid ideas about collaboration among peers, communication about pay and employers, and better ways to work. I’ll raise a tall glass of cold brew to that!