Surprising No One, Shuro Chi is the Best Guardian Games Farm

Will Destiny 2 players ever be free of the Shuro Chi farm? In an unsurprising turn of events, players have quickly discovered that one of the best ways to acquire medals is by running the opening portion of the Shuro Chi encounter. For the unfamiliar, Guardian Games is an event revolving around the three classes (Hunter, Warlock, Titan) trying to prove who is the best. This is done by earning medals and depositing them into the podium to earn rewards and gain points for your team. There are four tiers of medals (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), each of which give different quality rewards. Obviously, Platinum is the best which brings us to the Shuro Chi farm, as it’s currently one of the quickest methods for getting these medallions in Guardian Games.

How the farm works, is you will need to first complete Eva’s opening quest so you gain access to Contendor Cards. Now purchase the Raid Contendor Card from Eva from 1,500 Glimmer. The objective of this is to kill enemies in raids/dungeons and generate orbs. You’ll earn extra progress for completing one of these activities, but that doesn’t matter. What you want to do is equip a weapon you can kill foes quickly with like a heavy machine gun, auto rifle, submachine gun, or trace rifle and then throw on an orb-generating mod tied to your firearm’s element.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Farm

Now just head into the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid and kill all the enemies in the opening portion of the encounter, and on the plate to die, and then do it all over again. You can get around 30-40% progress in a run, which takes about 30 seconds if you’re quick. This means you can swiftly accumulate Platinum medallions which can be turned in to earn random rolls of The Title or Taraxippos. To get to the Shuro Chi encounter either input the code into the raid’s wishing wall or go to D2Checkpoints and put /join with the Checkpointbot’s name into your text box if you’re on PC.

If you’re looking to quickly farm a bunch of medallions/weapons in Guardian Games this is definitely one of the best methods. Make sure to do this, because there’s always a chance it could be patched.