New Destiny 2 Finisher Launches Enemies Into the Stratosphere

Destiny 2’s latest event is finally here and it’s all about class warfare. Guardian Games pits Warlocks vs. Hunters vs. Titans in a competition to prove which class is the best. This is done by earning medals, completing in class-focused Crucible matches, or battling out for the best score in strikes. There’s also new loot and cosmetics players can earn or purchase. One of these new items you can buy is the “Give ‘Em the Chair” finisher, which has your Guardian embrace his inner WWE superstar and hit an enemy with a chair. Now normally this wouldn’t be anything of note, as most Destiny 2 finishers have the same effect on enemies regardless of what moves your character is actually doing. However, whenever you kill a foe with the Give ‘Em the Chair finisher they get sent into the goddamn stratosphere.

Destiny 2 Finisher

For whatever reason, most enemies you kill with this new Destiny 2 finisher get sent into the sky at an alarming speed. This alone is hilarious, but it turns out this finisher produces a few unique interactions because of this. For example, if your teammates Strand grapple onto the enemy as you perform the finisher they will be launched with them. Meaning you can actually clear a fair amount of distance with relative ease by just grappling to a foe. If they are already afflicted with Strand, there’s a good chance your Tangle will spawn a mile away in the air.

Truthfully, this is hilarious and I am deeply hoping it’s not a bug. Finishers haven’t really evolved much in terms of their function for a few years now in Destiny 2 and it would be great to see more unique interactions like this in the future. You can buy the Give ‘Em the Chair finisher in the shop right now for 800 Silver. Remember, this item will only be available to buy throughout the duration of Guardian Games, so make sure to snag it if you have some extra Silver lying around.

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event is set to end on May 23rd.