This Giant One Piece Collection Turns Thousands of Pages Into One Book

The JBE Books collection is 21,450 pages and limited to 50 editions.

Whether you’ve read it or not, everyone’s shared bit of One Piece knowledge is that it’s long as hell. But physically speaking, how long is One Piece if you stick all its chapters together? According to JBE Books, it’s over two feet, weighs 36 pounds, and has more than 21,000 pages.

As a single collection, JBE claims its giant One Piece book is “literally the largest book in the world.” I reckon there could be some way that claim works out, but I can’t find anything to substantiate it’s true. At least, not when it comes to actual physical size. There are bigger books out there, like the Klencke Atlas, which I’ve just learned is six feet tall. But One Piece is still better.

Regardless, the official One Piece manga holds a few record-breaking titles that are still worth bragging about. In July, the massive series updated its Guinness World Record for “most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.” That’s over 500 million copies, by the way. Eiichiro Oda’s series has held that title for seven years, and I don’t think anyone is catching up soon.

Besides struggling to find a shelf to support it, the giant One Piece book is also pretty pricey. It costs €1,900 (about $1,928) for one of the 50 copies, which is a lot to pay for something JBE says “cannot be read.” Instead, the publisher positions it as an art piece put together by Ilan Manouach or, in their terms, a “sculptural object.” As for any official seal of approval, there’s nothing indicating Oda or Shueisha are involved either, so maybe hold off if you’re just an enthusiastic One Piece collector.

I get the artistic framing as a statement on digitalization, the need for preservation, how we talk about comics, and so on, but I can buy four box sets for $744. That gets me up to volume 90, which is damn near all of them in a format I can read. Maybe it’s all just too high-brow for me, and I’m not the intended audience here, but I’d opt to save the extra $1,000.

Big ole’ book aside, One Piece has plenty going on for series fans. Oda took a month-long break in June for some well-deserved rest, and the vacation gave him time to gear up for One Piece’s final saga. There’s also a live-action Netflix adaptation on the way, and the series just released its 15th animated movie, One Piece Film: Red.